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Brain Hearing

Hearing is a complex process that involves both your ears and your brain. Hearing aid technology that only focuses on the ears addresses half the problem.  My Hearing Center offers BrainHearing technology that supports your brain and your ears for more effortless hearing. 

Hearing health and brain health are connected

Recent studies show the close relationship between loss of hearing and cognitive decline. Your brain craves constant stimulation. When your ears aren’t transmitting input, cognitive ability can decline. 

BrainHearing Technology by Oticon recognizes that it is your brain that hears, not your ears. Once sound signals reach the brain, the process of orienting, identifying and filtering begins. The brain does the real work of hearing, so your hearing aids must support your brain and your ears. That’s what makes Oticon technology so different. It supports your brain and your ears for better hearing and better cognitive health.

Delivering sound to your ears and your brain

The hearing professionals at My Hearing Center understand that hearing is a complex process. If sounds aren’t delivered to your brain in a way they can be naturally processed, hearing is still compromised, even if you are wearing hearing aids. That’s why we are proud to deliver BrainHearing Technology to the Treasure Coast. 

This revolutionary technology from Oticon captures the nuances in speech your ears deliver naturally. Your brain doesn’t struggle to fill in the gaps. You get a listening experience that is much more effortless, no matter where you are. You stop struggling to understand speech because these hearing aids support your brain, not just your ears. After all, it is your brain and not your ears that determines the direction of a sound, identifies it correctly and filters out the unwanted background noise. Until BrainHearing, no other hearing aids provided this brain support for processing sound. 

Discover the BrainHearing difference

Whether you are purchasing hearing aids for the first time or looking to upgrade for improved performance, talk to the professionals at My Hearing Center about BrainHearing technology. It’s the only technology that is proven to work with the brain to help better hear, understand and even remember speech. It’s a revolution in hearing assistance.