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New Hearing Aids


Whether you’re a first-time hearing aids user or wish to upgrade your outdated device, this is a very exciting time in hearing aid technology. Modern devices now offer a wide range of features, styles and customization, ensuring greater comfort and function than ever before. Whether you want something that provides more privacy or need to connect wirelessly to other compatible devices in your home, new hearing aids on the market are offering a plethora of options for your own personal needs.

Here are some of the key features that you can benefit from in today’s market.

Variations in hearing aid styles

Concerns about the social stigma of wearing hearing aids are perfectly normal, especially if it is your first time wearing them and you aren’t sure what to expect. To better understand what your styling options are, consider the different ways the following hearing aids have evolved.

  • Behind the ear (BTE): BTE devices were one of the first derivations available to individuals with hearing loss and used to be larger and clunkier to handle. Today’s models offer earmold and color customizations to help them fit and look better. Additionally, you can opt for a mini-BTE to provide even more discreetness.
  • In the ear (ITE): ITE hearing aids are mid-sized and sit in the outer ear bowl. These devices can be fit with full or half-shell molds to allow for a more secure fit. Due to their sizing, they can now be equipped with a multitude of features than ever before, while still blending with either flesh or hair tone varieties.
  • In the canal (ITC): This ITC style of hearing aids has probably seen some of the most advancements over the last 10 years. Already the most discreet option, ITC canals fit within the ear canal, with variations offering even more privacy and include: invisible in canal (IIC) and completely in canal (CIC). Whether you want hearing aids you only have to take out every few months or something that remains completely invisible to the naked eye, ITC devices can still be equipped with numerous features and provide the most natural listening experience.

Sound therapy

Hearing aids aren’t only used to restore some clarity to your hearing. They can also drown out the symptoms of tinnitus and fight against feedback caused by air pressure within the ear canal. Modern devices can play white noise and melodies to provide you with this crucial form of relief during the most challenging moments. Those with tinnitus should certainly consider this technology.

Rechargeable options

In addition to improvements in features and styles, newer hearing aids on the market are also starting to offer rechargeable capabilities. Rather than replacing disposable batteries every week or two, you can simply charge your hearing aids at night or when not being worn. This can be a great solution for individuals who struggle to handle hearing aid batteries because of dexterity issues, or those who sometimes forget to have backups on hand. 

Assistive listening devices (ALDs)

WiFi, Bluetooth and other communication links allow modern hearing aids to be linked up with various other devices. First, they can sync with each other for dual function and a more natural hearing process. However, they can also be linked up to various ALDs. This can help you hear the TV, alarm clock or radio with far greater clarity without turning up the sound for others.

Multi-setting features

If you often find yourself in various listening environments, you can have your hearing aid equipped with a multi-setting feature that takes all the guesswork out. With multiple setting options, your hearing aid can be programmed to remember different sound scenarios. So, whether you are at the office where there is less commotion or frequent a bar or restaurant with a lot of hustle and bustle, your hearing aid can seamlessly transition between the different environments. 

Learn more about the latest hearing aids today

With so many different hearing aid models on the market, the best thing to do is speak to a professional hearing instrument specialist. My Hearing Center offers several different office locations to ensure you can easily get the help that you need. If you would like to learn more about the latest hearing aids on the market or simply want to have your hearing tested, schedule an appointment with one of our hearing instrument specialists. You can reach out office by calling one of the following numbers:

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