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How Does Hearing Loss Increase Your Risk of Dementia?

Man with Hearing Loss

Not many people realize this, but there is research that shows that there’s a link between hearing loss and an increased risk of dementia. Obviously, no one wants to increase their risk of suffering from dementia later in life. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to treat any hearing loss issues that you might be experiencing by heading to a hearing healthcare professional who can help you. Here’s more about the link between hearing loss and dementia.

Hearing loss impacts communication

When you’re dealing with hearing loss, one of the things that’s impacted is, of course, your ability to communicate effectively with people. When you can’t really hear what people are saying, you feel less willing to engage in conversations and things from that. Dealing with hearing loss impacts you in all sorts of ways, and this is relevant to the link hearing loss has to dementia. It’s all about the problems that arise around communication when you have hearing loss.

People then withdraw from interactions

When you’re struggling with communication as a result of hearing loss, it can lead to withdrawing from conversations and interactions, which is not positive. It can impact your quality of life and it can lead to you becoming generally withdrawn and a little more isolated and potentially lonely. That’s obviously not good for anyone, regardless of the impact this can potentially have on the brain. It’s why getting help and treatment with your hearing problems and finding the right treatment is so important for everyone.

Types of brain activity lessens

When you’re withdrawn and not communicating as much as normal with people, your brain activity will lessen. We all need to keep our brains active in order to keep them healthy. You might not have realized that you're using your brain less, but communication is a big part of what our brains do, so when you neglect that part of life so much, you’re also neglecting your brain, even if you’re doing it entirely involuntarily.

Dementia, therefore, becomes more likely

This is where the risk of dementia comes in. If your brain is going to be used less and you’re becoming withdrawn from communication and interactions with other human beings, it can result in your brain becoming more susceptible to the early signs of dementia. This is what the research has shown, and it completes the link between hearing loss problems and dementia. This is the current theory in place but the direct causes haven’t been established for certain yet.

The link will be explored further

There is definitely a lot more research to be done on this matter. Research and studies will look further into the connections between hearing loss and dementia. It’s not the case that we know it all just yet, and until we have a clearer understanding of the link between hearing loss and dementia. There are so many things to learn, and doing more research and finding out more about this link will help to increase awareness and improve treatment.